Monday, June 29, 2009

a night turned scary


Assalamualaikum and greetings :)

Jut for sharing, this is one story that maybe for a girl like me, might be considered as 'a worst-case phone scenario'. It happened 3 days ago, and I thought, why not share, cos maybe it is worth mentioned.

As I was happily and peacefully having dinner wif my family at one restaurant, my phone rang and an unidentical number appeared on my phone screen. Thought that maybe it was one of my friends or my student, I answered without any hesitance.

Me: "Hello assalamualaikum".

A lady: "Wei, ni sape nih?!"

Me: (trying to be calm) "Ni sape?"

A lady: "Eii, ko jgn nk tanye2 ni sape plak eh, ko ni sape?"

Me: "Sy tanye baik2 nih, ni sape? Ape hal ni kak?"

A lady: "Eii pompuan, ko da kaco suami org, pastuh ade hati nk blakon plak?! Cmne no ko bley ade dlm fon suami aku ah?!!"

Me: (I was really shocked that i couldn't think for a moment!) Akak, sy x kenal pon akak, sy x kenal pon suami akak. Ok cmni, ape no suami akak ni?"

A lady: "017-*******.. Eh, ko jgn nk blakon la!! Aapahal ko kaco2 suami org ni ha?! da xde jantan lain ke?!"

Me: "Ha?! Kak, sy rase, akak ni silap org la, sy x kenal pon no suami akak tuh"

Right after that, my dad asked me to pass my phone to him, anger on his face...

A lady: "Weh, ko jgn nk blakon la!!"

My dad: "Hello, ni sape nih?"

A lady: "Ni sape?!"

My dad: "Ni ayah die!! Ok cmnila, sy kenal anak sy, die x pernah nk kaco2 suami org nih, sy kenal die (at this point of time, i began to feel really sad and awwww, my dad knows me, he believed in me..time kaseh yah :(

A lady: "Mslhnye pkck, anak pkck kaco suami sy!!" (my dad said dat her tone never changed, always rising)

My dad: "Suami awk ni keje ape? Pegawai? doktor? smp anak sy terkejar2 kt suami awk nih" (u go ayah, in your face woman!! hehe)

A lady: " X kesahla die keje ape pon"

My dad: "Cmnila, sy rs awk ni da silap org.. Anak sy x pernah kaco laki org.. Sy cdgkn, ape kate awk siasat btol2, ntah2 suami awk yg menipu awk, jgn percaya sgt2 kate die.. Mmg sbg isteri, awk kene patuh n dgr die, tp siasat dl.. Btol x suami awk nih.. Sy takot, silap2 die yg tipu awk. Pasni, tlg jgn kaco lg anak sy, awk xde urusan ngan anak sy.. Jage suami awk elok2 ye"

A lady: "Hmm, assalamualaikum."

As a conclusion, I never really thought that this kind of scenario would ever happen to me, it's like one of the episodes in the drama, really!! :p To be honest, I pity that lady for jumping into conclusion so easily, but then again, I understand her situation as I am also a woman. But to raise her voice in such a way portrayed just who she is...

FYI, the number that the lady mentioned was actually her husband's number, BUT, one thing that she did not know was, her husband was actually the one who called me, saying that he wanted to 'berkenalan', and so I knew that this guy was like any other typical pervert guy, i hang up the phone. I bet you would know, the typical traditional tactic where the guy would accidentally dialled the wrong number, and once they knew that you're a girl they will say, "oh silap no ek, xpela, ni sape ni ek? nk kenal bley?" Please la.. Wish that I could just tell the lady that her husband might not be like whom she thinks he is..


April Fimbristylis said...

haha.. milah... mcm2 la.. sepatotnye hang layan je... baru le panjang sket senario nye.. kiki..

Hannanika Chan said...

been there, done that, hated it when we have to reallyyyyy explain.
sum ppl.

wanderfulmadnificent said...

milah, milah, baru berpisah dgn roommate tercinta, ni la yang terjadi, isk isk...

kamilah ahmad @ ahmaddiah said...

april: tula psl, nk je lyn, tp mmg sakit ati cos she kept raising her voice!!

hannanika: true2!! some ppl r just annoying, hmph..

maddy: hehe, eh, i didn't ask for it eh :p nk wat cmne :p

Anonymous said...

saye pun penah alami peristiwa yang hampir same cam ape yang kak kamilah cerita ni...saye dah cakap salah number tapi org tu still kaco...skali bagi ayah saye jawap...terus dia xkaco dah...susah betul manusia yg tak paham bahasa ni kan...=)

kamilah ahmad @ ahmaddiah said...

hana: yeke? haha, btol3, mmg payah!! n seroiously annoying n menyakitkan ati..ish2..

ainul ilyani said...

Haha..I like dis post kak kamilah.. If it happenend to me, 'd pass the phone to my hubby..padan muke!

kamilah ahmad @ ahmaddiah said...

ani: haha, klaka kn pompuan tuh? ;p

farina said...

adeh, siannye pompuan tu..last2 malu sendirik ek..

kamilah ahmad @ ahmaddiah said...

haha, mmg malu sendirik la ;p

mar080102 said...

Kak Dee dapat imagine situasi mase tu...cara ayah cakap n reaksi muka ayah...

fadhlina said...

salam..kenapa la ada laki mcm tu kan..kalo sume laki mcm tu tau rasa tenggungjawab n hormat wanita kan bagus..huhuh..nway fadhlina ni..ingt lagi tak?hihihi

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