Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Cohort 2 :'(

i used to think
what it would be like when you are parted from your friends
would you feel so terrible
so hurt
or relieved

as for me
i felt remorse
as there were some things i could not say
i left it behind
hoping that i could assuage this feeling
but no, i could not

i still feel bad
cos my friends might think that i was not sad
cos when the time i left them behind
i did not really look into their face
nor did i cry
cos there were no more tears left
i just couldn't cry

now that i am all alone
and so do they
this peregrination may caused us feeling bored
or tired
and it ended so soon
but i pray that this feeling i have for them
will never fade away
i miss my COHORT 2 so bad
and i love them all with all my heart...


wanderfulmadnificent said...

acece, sume berpuitis nampak :p

patut letak kuala lumpur, 2009 :D

April Fimbristylis said...

fuiyo... first time baca poem from milah.. huhu... milah, i really miss you... insyaallah this 4th of july we'll meet, tell you what, i could still feel your tears on my shoulders...

kamilah ahmad @ ahmaddiah said...

maddy: haha, jgn wat i malu la ;p haha.. skali skala lps perasaan.. ;p

april *susahnakeja*: i miss u too wani :(

Hafiz-u-ddin said...

kak milah,

amboi miss cohort 2 je ke????

ni hadek you sorang ni tak miss...

kak milah,

although you left the maktab but the memories of you still lived.

kamilah ahmad @ ahmaddiah said...

hafizuddin: of course i miss u guys too.. :(

trase rindu nk blk kl naik bus skali ngan u, smp nk teleng pale akak asek pndg awk ;p haha

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