Tuesday, May 22, 2012

priceless :)


Randomness :)

So these are my beloved girls in 5ST who will always jump and laugh out loud and do crazy stuff in class. Have been teaching them for up to 2 years now, and I must say that it'd really break my heart when its time for them to leave school :(

I miss acting on stage, and still do till now :p okey, so this pic was taken when we were getting ready for the final touch up for 'Visitors to Kenny Hill", I think it was adapted from somewhere but can't remember. I played the part as a maid named 'Azizah' ;)

I miss this budak masam and not a minute passed by without me thinking of him and his craziness :p Love u Akmal Harith, with all my heart and soul.. <3 He would be a great Muslim man someday, insyaallah :)

No words to describe as this picture tells it all. My beloved Cohort 2, TESL IPSAH-UPSI. Oh well, the memories~~

Last but not least, presenting, my cooooollllll cliques :) This was taken when we were still young and carefree, feels a bit old now, I guess I was in my early 20's back then ;)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

holiday break please!

me and some of the colleagues :)


I'm still counting days, dying to go back. School life is a bit hectic, I keep on running up and down the stairs, chasing after kids trying to run away from school (or maybe me), screaming in class if they don't listen (well I'm a bit more patience now), oo Allah, sometimes these kids can really test my patience, watching me, whether someday I might burst everything out or remain calm, well sometimes I chose to be cruel, ha ha ha (evil laugh) :p

But still, I couldn't deny the fact on how much I love my kids, those who would help me carry my books to class, those who would call "morning teacher kamilah", those who would smile at me at the canteen, those who would call me and ask questions (yes, I love questions) or maybe those with just a simple compliment, "thank you teacher". Well oh well, they're adorable what can I say :)

I love the fact that somehow I would feel at ease surrounded by my kids, laughing with them, telling them how crazy they are, hehe, and I love it when these kids would actually come to me and talk as if we're friends ;) Now I know that being a teacher is not merely teaching them about grammar and stuff, but also to bring out the best in them, telling them that they are able to achieve their goals and grab their dreams IF they work hard..

oohh yeah, despite all these, I still wanna go back, to where I belong. period. :)

wassalam, may we be a better Muslim :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

lee anne dearie :)



to my besfren, Kung Lian Yong aka Lee Anne! :) Owwhh yeah, I forgot to tell the whole world that Lee Anne and I were coursemates for 6 consecutive years, and we're still together here in Puteri Wangsa, woohooo :p

Guess I'm just blessed by Allah as we are posted to the same school, and hopefully we could endure teaching with success for the next 25 years maybe? hehe, insyaallah :)

Thinking about Lee Anne alone would draw a smile on my face as we have gone through our 3 years of teaching with sharing materials, exchanging ideas on lesson and approaches, complaining on the burdening clerical work that sometimes made no sense at all, talking about students and comparing mine with hers, laughing and singing together at the bilik guru, marking books while gossiping, makan at the canteen and etc and etc.. :D yes it does, it feels good to have somebody to talk to and be with you whenever you need them..

I just love her company and her presence means a lot to me, especially when my family is not around. sob sob :(

You can go wherever you want, but a home is where you know the people and that's exactly what I feel towards Lee Anne. I'm home bebeh :)

So to Lee Anne dearie, this entry is specially dedicated for you, though I know that you hardly read my blog, bluurgghh, I'm going to force you to drop some comments :p neways, hope this frenship lasts forever and love you <3

Friday, February 10, 2012

silver lining

teacher kamilah and her kids :)


Yes, its been a while since I posted my last entry but this is life, you cant always stick to doing two things at a time, hehe. Life has been really busy, though I have to admit that this year is not bad at all. I've had experience of teaching for almost 3 years now, and sometimes I could just walk to the class with my assorted markers and duster, and of course no books in my hand, yet I could teach with full confidence :p yezza, sounds good to me, lol.

Reminiscing my very first week of teaching in SMK Puteri Wangsa would be more than enough to make me feel unease, maybe due to the fact that I was a freshie back then, I didn't know the students yet, I didn't have any experience whatsoever, and... I didn't know how to control the kids. But I couldn't deny the impact it leaves me starting from that day..

I learn to be brave, I learn to be a psychologist, I learn to talk wisely, I learn to make my teaching more interesting, I learn to develop my materials that suits the students' level, I learn to speak slowly when they tend to give me this I-dont-get-you look, I learn to speak so loud so as to make them quiet. I learn to be better :)

Oh, and yes, teaching is getting more fun each day for me, now that I've known the students better, a bit more experienced and with my hands full with materials that I have adapt and adopt, hoping to cater to the students' level of competency.

I would leave my school and the students someday, but the memories I'd carry will always be glued to my heart. sarange <3


Friday, December 30, 2011

i can make a difference :)


and so, people have started making list on their new year resolutions and here i am, thinking on what i could actually do and change throughout the year of 2012. some would say that they would want a better career, more healthy habits, more time spent on books and kids, more travel, less eat and more jogs, getting married, finding soulmates, etc and the list could go on and on and on.

i have nothing much to say as this video explains it all and i just wish, i wish I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in any way in my students' life.

chill! :)

p/s: may we be a better Muslim :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ya Allah, jadikanlah aku.. :)

credit to rusydee artz

Ya Allah,
Jadikanlah aku wanita solehah,
Penyejuk mata ayah dan ibuku..

Ya Allah,
Jadikanlah aku wanita solehah,
Yang akan membahagiakan hati bakal suamiku,
Yang akan menjadikan cinta ini,
Hanya untuknya selepas diri-Mu Ya Allah..

Ya Allah,
Jadikanlah aku dan bakal suamiku,
Bercinta selepas kami mencintai-Mu,
Jadikanlah kami saling mencintai,
Hanya kerana-Mu Ya Allah..

Ya Allah,
Jika dia tercipta untukku,
Temukanlah kami dalam keadaan yang halal bagi kami,
Mudahkanlah segalanya bagi kami..

Ya Allah,
Dengarkanlah ikrarku ini,
Pemilik cintaku selepas diri-Mu dan para Rasul,

hanya untuk bakal suamiku..

amin ya rabbal alamin.. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011


after such a long silence, i feel like sharing this song with you guys as it never fails to make me smile all day long :)

enjoy! ;)

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