Friday, November 26, 2010

my own module?


I believe that this year is a year where I can truly reflect on my teaching method since 2009 is not counted. And why is that? Because as funny as it seems, I didn't get to teach English even though I'm majoring in English, and that I had to teach Bahasa Melayu Form 2, which was~ hmm, very tough! Even worse, I myself couldn't really conceive some of the terms contained in the literature component, what can I say~ too higher level, hehe :p

Anyway, sitting on the couch during the school hols is just not me and because of that, some ideas just keep running in my head~ there's something I must be doing at this time instead of just watching the not-so-entertaining programmes on the tv and day-dreaming.

And so I thought, why not if I try creating MY OWN MODULE for Prisoner Of Zenda, Form 3. Ahha, what an idea. But how to start? A question that I should really ponder upon. So to begin with, I have started collecting photos from the net and making my graphic organisers. The graphic organisers are meant to help students to be able to grasp the whole idea of the novel before actually jumping into the reading part. Sounds good to me :p

Besides that, this module will also encourage students to draw a lot, which I think would be amusing for students with visual-spatial intelligences. Instead of just listening to my plain boring lecture in front of the class, the students could draw, thus maybe, maybe helping them to remember better. And come on guys, who could actually admit that they hate drawing? Though I'm not that good in drawing, some teachers would actually look at my sketches (and complimented on it :p) whenever I felt really bored in a meeting.. ;)

This module is intended to redeem myself this time to be a better teacher in the future, InsyaAllah. I'm still learning and yes, I need more experience. By talking to my colleagues especially my KP, Pn. Jayachandrika really made me realize that I could not give up now and I have a loooooong way to go. 'Burnout' should never be in my dictionary right now so, aja-aja fighting! :)

So please, please pray for me as I'm trying to finish up my module before the school hols ends.. Wassalam..


wanderfulmadnificent said...

is prisoner of zenda still in the syllabus next year? i heard it will be replaced!

nway, whatever module you do, i think you should draft it out first and then maybe do it like thesis style whereby you go step by step and maybe get someone to check and whatnot.

another important thing is to make sure that even though students are having fun drawing, there is also room for students to write for their pmr because the reality is, malaysian students are exam-oriented and we teachers still need to gear them to the exams!

toodles and good luck!!

knowing you, just don't do it in haste, hehe <3

kamilah ahmad @ ahmaddiah said...

wait a minute, pls du tell me dat they wont have it next year? wargghh..

neway, thanx for the tips babe, n yes, i will have parts where students will have to write a lot.. maybe like asking the students to write the short essay based on the drawings or whatever, but everything is still under construction, hehe.. n, again i think i have to provide them wth at least the key words or sample eassay with blanks, or even maybe jumbled-up sentences where they have to put it in accordance..

haih, tula, mmg kene revise byk kali, ill check wif my KP nnt :)
thanx for the idea! :)

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