Sunday, May 24, 2009



Assalamualaikum and greetings :D

I came across dis story in Yahoo! news and it was so amusing dat I think it should be shared with everyone. It was a bout a 6 year-old boy who surprisingly and amazingly grabbed the wheel of his family's pickup truck when his father passed out from low- blood sugar!! Seriously, for me, the boy should be given more than just a pat on his back :D

Since I just took my license last year with my beloved fren, Wani, I DO NOT deny the CRAVING that I have for driving, and I 'll grab any opportunities to drive by any given chance with no doubt. My BFFJ, Maddy, wud surely agree wif dat, as she had an experience of me, driving her car, all the way from the Jonas' brothers (haha :p) quarters right until our block. The fact that she had to gimme the chance and that I wud 'merajok' if not, made her agree at last, haha :p Tengkiu Maddy, for granting my wishes, hehe, and I dun have the right to blame you for having second thought pun, cos I know how your "Wira" means a lot to you :p

Speaking of license, here are some of the hardships and sweetest moments that I've been through, just to share;

1. I've been cheated by my driving school, Wani and I paid twice even more than the promised fees.

2. I learned the "bukit" lesson just ONE DAY before the real JPJ test!!

3. I was locked up in a hot and stuffy room for like one hour cos the JPJ came to my driving school, and only God knows why (I wasn't alone, there were around 15 others at dat time).

4. My instructor kept eating nuts when I was driving, and she yelled at me a lot. DEI, YOU NUT!! :p

5. My JPJ instructor was a good-looking guy ;p hehe

6. I passed my JPJ test wif flying colours!! :D ~wheeee~ Alhamdullilah, I believe that Allah really helped me at that time, cos I know that I'm not that good, hehe..


wanderfulmadnificent said...

the story with the boy is not as applauding as you think, what if the opposite happened? that would be downright horrifying! because i hear and read too many times of people accidentally reversing and knocking others in the process and the torment of what had happened esp when the person is a family member, it's both sickening and saddening!

there was a story in readers digest about a father having to talk of his grief about killing his most beloved son due to reversing without seeing and it was heartbreaking just reading it!

hence, the age that permits one to drive is there for a reason, huhu :D

kamilah ahmad @ ahmaddiah said...

hehe, true enough, still, in dis case, the boy was brave enough to actually grab the wheel, and saved both him and his father's life. if not, ntah2 due2 skali pon mati.. i think the boy didn't know wat to do, so grabbing the wheel was the only thing he cud think of maybe..

and of course, the age limit shud be retained, hehe

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