Friday, May 22, 2009



Assalamualaikum and greetings to all :D

I know, i know, some people mite be surprised by dis newly created blog, but then again, hey, it's alwiz better late than never rite? :p So here goes my first and foremost post..

I have quite a lot of stories to begin actually, but first, may be it wud be good to share some of the things that u may not know about me, dis is especially dedicated to all my frens, as sometimes u may think u know ur frens very well, but the fact hits u when sometimes u may not know them at all..hehe..

1. I used to bite my nails until it bleeds when i was in my primary school years, and it hurts so bad that i couldn't eat using my own hands, therefore, i had to use fork and spoon when eating. But pls dun blame for that, since i had to bite my nails whenever i need to think and crack my heads for ideas (if u dun believe me, feel free to ask one of my coursemates, faiz, he understands the situation better) :p

2. When my father went to Makkah, he sat next to a guy who bites his nails when praying, and straight away it reminds him of me, haha :p

3. Now i DO NOT bite my nails anymore since im way old and mature enough, and the fact that i have to take a good care of my hygiene and afraid dat i mite get anyone scared out of me for having such a terrible fingernails :p

4. My golden years during primary school was being the representative for my school, SK Taman Permata, for storytelling, and i just LOVE to tell stories. U know wat i like the most about storytelling? It was the COSTUMES!! :D

5. When i was in standard 4, i got an offer from RTM to be the host for one of the kids' programme on TV, but my parents rejected the offer, as they were afraid that i will no longer interested to study, adoi ;p

6. I'm truly touched when my parents decided to postpone their vacation to Bandung cos apparently, the date falls on my convocation day which InsyaAllah, will be held in August.. I still remember when my father told me, " xpe akak, Bandung tu bile2 bole pegi, ayah x sampai hati kalo ayah x pegi konvo akak" :( Time kaseh mak ayah.. :(

7. I have made many mistakes in life dat i wish i cud turn back time and change it, yet i know dat it wud be IMPOSSIBLE.. but still, i'm learning and trying to change, and being a GOOD AND HUMBLE KHALIFAH will alwiz be my destiny.. For those out there, let us change together bit by bit, and start wif a CLEAN SHEET, InsyaAllah :D

Till we meet again in the next post, InsyaAllah :D


wanderfulmadnificent said...

whee, am i the first?!

here's a toast to another fellow blogger, none other than my BFFJ, you go girl!

emm, firstly, watch your grammar and sentence structure, hihi, yeah, i know we should focus on function more but i like to see my friends, especially, plus an English future teacher-to-be to become so much better than she already is ;)

and i know all of what u have said because u already told me, hehe, LOL :p

except for no 6 coz obviously its recent news but sooo touched! yela, even though u are the 4th child but your parents wouldn't miss one of the most important events of your life ;)

and lastly, don't keep making the same mistakes because then your clean sheet would always be spoil and we wouldn't want that to happen right?

a reminder to me too ^_^

jaga iman, jaga amal *mmuuuaaahhh*

kamilah said...

haha, adoi, baik cikgu maddy :p

neway, insyaAllah, pray 4 me as i'll alwiz pray 4 u :D

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