Monday, February 13, 2012

lee anne dearie :)



to my besfren, Kung Lian Yong aka Lee Anne! :) Owwhh yeah, I forgot to tell the whole world that Lee Anne and I were coursemates for 6 consecutive years, and we're still together here in Puteri Wangsa, woohooo :p

Guess I'm just blessed by Allah as we are posted to the same school, and hopefully we could endure teaching with success for the next 25 years maybe? hehe, insyaallah :)

Thinking about Lee Anne alone would draw a smile on my face as we have gone through our 3 years of teaching with sharing materials, exchanging ideas on lesson and approaches, complaining on the burdening clerical work that sometimes made no sense at all, talking about students and comparing mine with hers, laughing and singing together at the bilik guru, marking books while gossiping, makan at the canteen and etc and etc.. :D yes it does, it feels good to have somebody to talk to and be with you whenever you need them..

I just love her company and her presence means a lot to me, especially when my family is not around. sob sob :(

You can go wherever you want, but a home is where you know the people and that's exactly what I feel towards Lee Anne. I'm home bebeh :)

So to Lee Anne dearie, this entry is specially dedicated for you, though I know that you hardly read my blog, bluurgghh, I'm going to force you to drop some comments :p neways, hope this frenship lasts forever and love you <3


Mohd Noorliza said...

so sweet :)

kamilah ahmad @ ahmaddiah said...

mohd noorliza: 'like' :p

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