Wednesday, February 29, 2012

holiday break please!

me and some of the colleagues :)


I'm still counting days, dying to go back. School life is a bit hectic, I keep on running up and down the stairs, chasing after kids trying to run away from school (or maybe me), screaming in class if they don't listen (well I'm a bit more patience now), oo Allah, sometimes these kids can really test my patience, watching me, whether someday I might burst everything out or remain calm, well sometimes I chose to be cruel, ha ha ha (evil laugh) :p

But still, I couldn't deny the fact on how much I love my kids, those who would help me carry my books to class, those who would call "morning teacher kamilah", those who would smile at me at the canteen, those who would call me and ask questions (yes, I love questions) or maybe those with just a simple compliment, "thank you teacher". Well oh well, they're adorable what can I say :)

I love the fact that somehow I would feel at ease surrounded by my kids, laughing with them, telling them how crazy they are, hehe, and I love it when these kids would actually come to me and talk as if we're friends ;) Now I know that being a teacher is not merely teaching them about grammar and stuff, but also to bring out the best in them, telling them that they are able to achieve their goals and grab their dreams IF they work hard..

oohh yeah, despite all these, I still wanna go back, to where I belong. period. :)

wassalam, may we be a better Muslim :)


Mohd Noorliza said...

balik jangan tak balik :)

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