Friday, February 10, 2012

silver lining

teacher kamilah and her kids :)


Yes, its been a while since I posted my last entry but this is life, you cant always stick to doing two things at a time, hehe. Life has been really busy, though I have to admit that this year is not bad at all. I've had experience of teaching for almost 3 years now, and sometimes I could just walk to the class with my assorted markers and duster, and of course no books in my hand, yet I could teach with full confidence :p yezza, sounds good to me, lol.

Reminiscing my very first week of teaching in SMK Puteri Wangsa would be more than enough to make me feel unease, maybe due to the fact that I was a freshie back then, I didn't know the students yet, I didn't have any experience whatsoever, and... I didn't know how to control the kids. But I couldn't deny the impact it leaves me starting from that day..

I learn to be brave, I learn to be a psychologist, I learn to talk wisely, I learn to make my teaching more interesting, I learn to develop my materials that suits the students' level, I learn to speak slowly when they tend to give me this I-dont-get-you look, I learn to speak so loud so as to make them quiet. I learn to be better :)

Oh, and yes, teaching is getting more fun each day for me, now that I've known the students better, a bit more experienced and with my hands full with materials that I have adapt and adopt, hoping to cater to the students' level of competency.

I would leave my school and the students someday, but the memories I'd carry will always be glued to my heart. sarange <3



Mohd Noorliza said...

go teacher go ! :)

kamilah ahmad @ ahmaddiah said...

encik noorliza: toce3 :) but where to go? :p hik hk hik

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